19 June 2020

06 June 2020

Rims & Hubs Sale

Although I’m not stocking rims and hubs anymore, I do have some hanging around and I am selling them on the cheap. I want the capital to double down on my spoke inventory. I have Velocity A23, Dyad and Major Tom rims. The hubs I have are mostly Shimano pairs of mountain hubs. I also have a Shutter P dynamo, a pair of boost hubs and a couple good condition used ones. Contact me soon for availability and pricing.

05 June 2020

Reinventing The Wheel

As the bike industry and retail evolves, my business is evolving too. I’m not stocking rims and hubs anymore. I am not getting the turnover to justify the inventory. I have also done away with my mlwheels.com site and moved things to this blog. You can also see me on Instagram, Strava and you may see my comments on mtb project.
I'm still building and shipping wheels. 
I am keeping up my spoke inventory. 
Spokes are less convenient for customers to buy. Box sizes are big, can go unused if only a partial box is needed and spoke length calculations are confusing. Many of my customers are already buying rims and hubs online and coming to me for labor and spokes. You can even have your purchases sent to me directly if you want. Then I’ll take care of the wheelbuilding. 
Along with this I also have a new email. You can now reach me at matthewlarsenwheelbuilding@gmail.com. I still have the same phone number 775-997-5634.
I still have the tools and skills to build great wheels. I’m still offering free wheel truing and spoke replacement on all wheels I build as long as I’m building wheels with brand name rims and hubs.

18 May 2011

Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding has moved

Hey all! I've moved my blog to my new website. Check it out here.